Award Winning Patented Design

All cases are handcrafted using top grade Cedar
wood and sturdy 1/8" thick non-yellowing acrylic Plexiglass.
(Plexiglass is window replacement grade)
Most cases are finished in Dark Walnut stain but
Golden Oak and Red Mahogany are available.


These Display Cases are unique,
You may have never seen any like them.

Close-up of wood detail

The Cedar wood is routed, stained and handcrafted for beauty
These are stained in Dark Walnut (Most popular)

(Dolls shown not included)

Golden Oak                                                 Red mahogany


Red Mahogany is like the Dark Walnut only with a reddish tint.

The clear Plexiglass tops are removable for placing
your doll or item in the case.  The top handle is from a very
old design and is only available by special order as the top is easily removable
without it and items can be placed on top for display.

You can have a case made any size 
 email me for prices.

Please just give me the exact size of the doll or item from 
top to bottom (including hat etc. and the width and depth of the 
 skirt etc. Then I can determine the size case you might need. 

For example the dolls shown above have too much space over their heads!

The sizes listed below are just examples of most used sizes
All cases are built to order and can be almost any size.

Please see: Packing, click here!

Standard sizes are given by "viewing area" inside measurements,
the overall size of the case will be a little larger.
However, all cases are custom built.

30 inches tall by 12 inches square  -   $155.00  
30 inches tall by 10 inches square  -   $139.00
28 inches tall by 10 inches square  -   $129.00
26 inches tall by 10 inches square  -   $124.00
24 inches tall by 10 inches square  -   $119.00
23 inches tall by 10 inches square  -   $114.00
22 inches tall by 10 inches square  -   $109.00
20 inches tall by 10 inches square  -   $105.00
                    19 inches tall by 08 inches square -    $89.95 (SPECIAL)
17 inches tall by 10 inches square  -   $99.00
13 inches tall by 08 inches square  -   $75.95
08 inches tall by 04 or 5" inches square  $32.95

Each above case will fit a doll up to within one inch of the
stated height of the case.  For example, a 30 inch tall case 
will take a doll up to 29 inches tall  and a 10 inch width 
will take a doll up to 9 1/2  or 10 inches in width and depth.

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How the cases are built, click here

How the lighted tops are built, click here

Check out lighted tops for cases

You can also have the cases built without feet and 
top teats so multiple cases can be stacked!

I take great care in handcrafting these cases and great pride in 
the finished product.  I have many letters from customers saying
they were much better than expected.  Any cases I have seen on
the internet even similar to these (not as nice as mine I think) sell
for between $140.00 and $280.00, mine are much less, so the prices are truly reasonable!
Please shop around, you will not find similar cases close to this
quality near my prices!

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To place an order, please email me your request along
with your zip code and the needed size case and I will
get back to you with the total and shipping charges.

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